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Latest Teaching Methods

Researched and developed in UK

Blanket Course

Aimed at making an entire generation of students work ready

Soft Skills

Designed to attract and retain 21st century employment

Career Development

Tailored curriculum for respective students of each region and country

National Curriculum

Unique curriculum designed for each country

National Work Force

Employability skills that will upskill the nations's workforce

Our Vision:


Our vision is to provide professional development and soft skills training to students of South Asia to get them work ready for twenty first century jobs. Our objectives are curated to align with the national targets and government policies of the countries where it is implemented.

We are currently working on implementing a blanket course for all Higher Secondary government school students in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. This will upskill an entire generation and make them work ready for high mid-income level industries.

We Provide Top Trainers

We Provide the Curriculum

24/7 Teaching Support

We Monitor Student Progress

Our Team

Dr. Sweta Raghavan
(Head of Research)

Dr Pauldy Otermans
(Principal and Chair)

Mr Dev Aditya
(Managing Director)

Mr Geert Jansen
(Head of Operations)

About Otermans Institute

  • We create a blanket system that supplements the current education systems of the countries where we work.

  • We provide students with the latest professional development education system developed in the UK.

  • We upskill the young population to better qualify for mid-income level jobs.

  • We conduct accurate research to show the effectiveness of the programme both on national and individual levels.


Soft skills

Transferable skills

Training the next trainer

“Unfortunately, some people believe that soft skills aren’t that important. However, almost every employer I’ve ever talked to about this disagrees. In a world where job roles are changing rapidly, soft skills will be one of the few constants […]”
– Chris Jones, Chief Executive at City & Guild

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Mr Hari Sharma

Teacher in Kathmandu Nepal

Mr Umesh Dwivedi

Principal in Uttarakhand India

Mr Akshat Kumar

Lecturer in Bihar Patna