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Our research enables us to upskill learners with confidence, from anywhere in the world.

Employability Skills Training​

Lifelong learning - removing the skills and employability gap

OI aim to make the worlds underserved populations more employable through soft and transferable skills training

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OI AI is a humanlike virtual trainer, built to interact and teach almost anyone, anywhere.

OI has created a one of a kind artificial intelligence-driven virtual trainer that can upskill learners in these populations, in their own time, and based around individual learning and training needs.

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Community through Lockdown

Lessons for Humanity and wellbeing through the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic forced 1 billion learners out of their classrooms, learn more about the research we did on maintaining wellbeing and community.

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OI hopes to upskill 750 million learners by 2025
OI has supported 35,000 learners to date
Our soft skills training curriculum is currently active across 3 continents

Employability Skills Training

Due to a lack in soft-skills and transferable skills training, large populations of learners and graduates in countries across South Asia struggle to break out of low-income employment, resulting in high levels of graduate unemployment.
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Teachers we spoke to acknowledged the need for soft skills training

Out of the teachers we spoke to across Nepal and India, 91% accepted the need for soft skills training to be integrated into the curriculum. 

1 billion people are expected to join the workforce by 2030. Though, 400 million people in the MENA region will enter the workforce with no soft skills training.
1 million learners turn 18 every month in India, without having received adequate soft skills training

Otermans Institute have developed a blanket curriculum to train learners across India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. This has the scope to reach 80 million students.


This curriculum is currently being used by the Government of India, Department of Works and Pensions in the UK and by the Government of Afghanistan in 2021.

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2020’s global lockdown led to the transition from in-person to online teaching. 1 hour, weekly lessons were delivered by volunteers virtually, allowing OI’s curriculum to be implemented across 9 countries in the South Asia and MENA Region.
From surveys we recorded that 93.8% of learners were satisfied with the content and delivery of the curriculum.
Learner Satisfaction 93%


There is a global shortage of approximately 65-68 million teachers
100 million primary school children do not attend school, globally.
By 2025 it is expected that there will be 7.3 billion active smartphone users across the globe
OI has created a one of a kind artificial intelligence-driven virtual trainer that can upskill learners in these populations, in their own time, and based around individual learning and training needs.
With 520 million people affected by conflict and 71 million people displaced across the globe, access to consistent and focussed education systems are also difficult for many.  

With smart phone and internet penetration now increasing in such camps, the potential of it upskilling internally displaced and refugee learners is massive.

This prototype, named Beatrice, was tested in a UNHCR BCF Camp in Kurdistan, Iraq to upskill learners through smartphone and internet usage. Beatrice presented a 30 minute lesson on ‘How to set SMART goals’. 
Using Deep Fake technology, OI AI can seem humanlike, and was accessible from Google Chrome. 

Would return to the platform 72%
Would know what to learn next 74%

Community through Lockdown

During the Pandemic we all had to learn to navigate new forms of living, teaching and learning to maintain our wellbeing and community through lockdown. 

We created Lessons for Humanity; a set of resources designed to encourage lifelong learning and to increase their own wellbeing. 22 short lessons offering tips and exercises for self-development and wellbeing in lockdown. 

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