Upskilling the future through Artificial Intelligence
OI AI will democratically guide, skill and train global learners of tomorrow

A perfect blend of self-learning, neural understanding, and training with technology.

OI AI is your personal teacher, trainer and friend who is with you anytime and everywhere
to ensure that no learner is ever left behind

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Based on

We believe upskilling a generation cannot happen through technology alone. It needs to combine the fields of education, neuroscience, and learning psychology.

    We believe highly visual and engagement-based teaching is more effective than passively watching content.
    We believe verbally interacting increases learning compared to passively listening.
    We believe that by engaging as many sensory, cognitive, emotional and social processes in our learners via our teaching & learning approach, will increase their learning potential.
    We believe that brains and minds are created & trained, not born. The quality of our interactions and experiences are key to the development of executive functions - working memory, inhibition, problem solving and mental flexibility - which will in turn increaser our learner’s life skills development.

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OI AI takes our training knowledge and democratises it through Artificial Intelligence to build the teacher and trainer of the future.
OI AI understands the importance of engagement and is participatory in nature. It removes current barriers to training and teaching as it does not just answer questions but focuses on human-like interactions and engagement with learners.
OI AI drives conversations with learners instead of simply reacting to what is said to it, such as a teacher that teaches and engages on demand.
We are on a mission to upskill 750 million students through soft skills and professional development skills training using an AI-teacher so that no learner is left behind.
Our technology is currently being lab-tested in London and Kathmandu, and is being field-tested in rural Nepal and BCF United Nations camp Kurdistan Iraq.

Our Vision

OI AI is upskilling a generation of students by removing the barriers associated with access to quality teachers and trainers globally.